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  1. Hello, we are a couple from Holland and looking to buy a sailing boat to sail the carib. The Ohlson 38 is on our short list, is you rboat still for sale and what is the price?

    Pleased to hear your answer,

    Camiel & Imka

    Willemstad, The Netherlands

    • Trisha Perkins says:

      We are no longer sailing, and we are not in possession of the Olson anymore. She did handle well though.

  2. Paul says:

    We bought it in 2009 and it was stollen from us in 2010… we do not know what happen to this boat but we had it in West Palm Beach.

    • Which boat Paul? we were in two different boats. Small world!

      • Paul says:

        Ohlson 38 Your boat stole from me. How do I find somewhere. This let me know

      • Paul says:

        I bought Maraspel in 2009 and in 2010 I stole it

      • Paul says:

        and now I understand 🙂 I lived in the U.S. six years, but now I went back to Europe. English is not my language of here sometimes make mistakes sorry. Maraspel overhaul but I did not have time. hahaha. Someone already took care of it hahaha

    • Oh, It looks like you are referring to Maraspel, lol . Iguess I should look at my post before I ask. We never ended up buying Maraspel. We had put a down payment on her but decided to get Jamaica Farewell instead. She sailed great though. Too bad about loosing her. Maraspel would have been beautiful if she was all fixed up.

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