Summer plans!

Every time someone askes me what my summer plans are I have chuckled inside. How do I explain that I will live in three different places in one year and drive across the country twice, and my house is in a complete different location. The conversation is always long winded. Unless I am conversing with another military family who understands the ebb and flow of our lives better. I almost decided to tell people I was a gypsy.

But now summer has begun and one long cross county drive is completed. Melody is having a grand time riding horses with her aunt in Texas, we are quickly remembering the muggy heat of Alabama, and getting settled into our hotel room that we will call home for the next five weeks.

Last night we found a baby woodpecker stuck in the laundry room of our apartment style hotel. Barry tried to shoo it out but he ended up having to gently scope it up and then quickly deposited it in a nearby bush. We left for dinner and then came back. The baby bird was back up against the building beating itself against the brick. It wasn’t too far away from being old enough to fly. There is a local rescue center for animals near by in the local town. So we put the bird in a box in a dark corner of the room ¬†and planned to take it there in the morning. Come morning we heard it chirping and left for breakfast because the rescue center didn’t open until 8:00am. We came back after eating and went to load up and I checking inside the box and the poor bird had died! Ugh, I went from an animal hero to a bird murderer. My poor kids all cried and I hugged them all. We went to the woods to find a proper place to bury the sweet bird. My kids laid flowers on its grave and I said a pray. We talked about the cycle of life and how we all play a part.

We went to the library later and spend a good chunk of time reading. Later we painted small ceramic figures at the arts and crafts center. Nolan painting! Nolan has always opted out of arts and crafts with preference for books instead in the past. The afternoon made up for the sad morning event.