Home sweet home

Our boat is an Ohlson 38, 38 referring to the length of the boat. We found her on Craig’s List and researched more in a book called East to the Azores, which was specifically written for our boat.

The boat is supposed to be very dependable and ocean-worthy, both light and quick. It can be rigged to sail solo, although we won’t need that capability. Barry and I will be able to sail her without leaning on one or the other for knowledge, know-how, or skill, which makes for a safer voyage.

While we were living in Oklahoma, Barry flew out to Florida for two weeks to check things out. He bug-bombed the place and in general got to see all of her strengths and weaknesses. I am happy to say that after bug bombing it one more time upon our arrival, and constantly cleaning the boat up, that we haven’t seen a bug in about a week. We have rid ourselves of the cockroaches. Yippee!

We don’t have a name for our boat yet. Please feel free to throw out suggestions if you feel so inspired. You never know, we just might pick it!

We have moved to a new boat that we named Charity. It is a 36.5′ Pearson. It has a great force 10 stove, a shower, a plumbed toilet, a running engine, and other great improvements. Most of the time we refer to the Boat as Jamaica Farewell because we never got around to putting the new name on.


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  1. Doug Valley says:

    Enjoyed reading your blog. We just got back from Texas for a long weekend. I can tell you guys are having fun.


  2. Jim S. says:

    Kickin’ Mast
    Bulk Headed

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