We have started a new chapter in our life now. The dream of sailing around the world is not over. In the mean time we are still hopping all over the globe. Next stop, Seoul Korea!

Barry went through Warrior Transition course in June. Then he went to Newport News Virginia for his AIT (schooling). I drove from Utah to Virginia with Justice’s help, stopping mid-way in Oklahoma to see family. We met wonderful people and enjoyed the historic area. We recently drove with Barry back to Utah via Oklahoma, and then spent the Thanksgiving holiday with my family in St. George.  The very next day I saw Barry off to the shuttle and he went to the Las Vegas Airport, to Norfolk Virginia, to Seattle, to Japan, then Korea. You may ask why that route. I say it is the military (enough said).

We will be joining him soon. We are flying to Seattle Christmas day. We are Barry’s big Christmas Present. We would like to stay in Korea for 3 years.  Why? You may ask.

1. He gets a bonus (we have debts to pay)

2. We will come away knowing a foreign language.

3. Are we worried about the conflicts in South Korea? Yes and No. The media is making it out to be a big thing, while it is not good, it is not the first time North Korea has clashed with South Korea. They have always been at war. The military will get us out if there is a big enough threat. Something bad could happen to me stateside. At least I will be with my husband and the family can be together.

We still plan on getting a boat when our military life is over. We may do some sailing in-between as well. Welcome to our new adventure!


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  1. Doug Valley says:

    Well, I haven’t checked the Perkins family for quite some time and now I see you have really made more big exciting changes. Wow, Korea! I know it is cold there in the winter but I bet you have heard how cold it got here last week. Record of -22 here in Stillwater, Nowata had -31 an all-time low for Oklahoma. Today in the upper 60’s and supposed to be upper 70’s tomorrow. Quite a roller coaster of weather this year.

    I just got back from my annual Bolivia mission. Had another great experience. Was invited to church by a man I met last year, Julian Silva. It was a sun rise service they have for the homeless in La Paz. Then they serve breakfast. Since we had already eaten I asked if we could help serve and we did. Not much per our standards; a small loaf of bread, hot cereal, a cup of milk and a banana. But it was gratefully accepted and the participation by all in the service was very moving.

    I am still enjoying my retirement and hope someday to see you guys on a cruise around the world. I will keep watching.

    For now,


  2. Joseph Mortensen says:

    Hey Perkins Family!!!

    I spent some wonderful time with you at Rucker! I am grateful for your hospitality and friendship!! I am working on getting my wife and kids here to Korea at the moment and we are kind of getting the run around.

    Now when Trisha and the kids came over did you have some sort of memorandum stating they could come or did they just fly on over. If that is what you did I will set it up for them to fly over.

    Also where is the K-Kottage? As I have been stationed at K16 I am still learning my way around. I just read about the K-Kottage in soneone elses blog about spending time ncs here in Korea.

    My mind just tumbles out of control with questions and anxiety to have a complete family again. Thanks for everything!!!!


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