IMG_4275Our adventures for today were all about the awesome freedom of summer! Beautiful, beautiful summer! I am so excited to create, explore, learn, and live this summer with my kids. We started off the wonderful Monday morning by getting a little dirty and back to the basics. We went strawberry picking at a local farm here in Alabama. This little mom and pop country store/ farm is a reminder that each little thing we do is important and effects those around us. Melody and Adrian loved gathering the berries. Orrin in his typical fashion wanted to be done picking as soon as possible. He wanted to move onto the eating part. Nolan the lazy thing 🙂 skipped out on the work all together and took a nap. Babies are so smart! After picking and weighing and looking around I think we will be back to get more produce.

We headed home to a clean up our snacks, and who do you think came walking through the door? Daddy has a good nose to smell those ripe strawberries from the flight line. After washing and eating half of our pickings the kids and I decided we needed to make jam out of the remaining berries. Mmmmm yummy! We will have to play around with recipes to find a favorite but Orrin and Melody had a great time smashing and stirring the jam.

IMG_4278Now what else is good on a bright summer day? Hmmm water sounds good. So off to the pool with friends we went. Then afterward we headed to the garden where we discovered that we should have picked our cucumbers about two days ago! We have some beans getting ready to flower and tomatoes that are turing our small garden into a jungle. Our banana peppers are a favorite with Melody and Adrian and didn’t make it home.

Barry  is enjoying flying and living one of his crazy awesome dreams.

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