So there is this debate among boaters between having a fridge or just an icebox. The fridge is an electricity hog and sometimes goes out, causing food to spoil. An icebox is just not the same as a fridge though. It takes food planning to not buy too much of one thing, and not make too much food, and then have leftovers that won’t stay good for long.  

Up to this point in time I have had nether. Just a box that stinks(even with the baking soda). But oh what a glorious day when my loving husband fixed the kinked hose and sawed through stainless steel pipe into all hours of the night just so I could have a working ice box.  Hands down I’ll take the ice box over nothing.


About Trisha Perkins

Hi, my name is Trisha Perkins. I was born in St. George Ut, and raised in many different places. California, Texas, Panama, North Carolina, and Utah have all been home for me. My family moved back to St. George Ut after my father left the army. I was home schooled most of my school years, then enrolled for long distance schooling from an accredited high school. I taught gymnastics and swimming for 3 years. Then I realized I wanted to learn more about children, because I didn't know enough about them and I wanted to be prepared for motherhood. I taught montessori preschool for one year, then I went to a summer camp in New Mexico to teach horse back riding. Now I have to back up a little. A couple of my friends had gone to this same summer camp to teach the year before and one of their friends from camp tagged along with them back to St. George. Here enters the Pioneer. My life would never be the same. I tapped into a soul that I didn't know the voltage of. I met Barry Perkins. He proposed to me while scuba diving off of the Californa coast. We were married in the St. George temple on October 16th 2004. We have always wanted to give our children the best education. Leadership education! We wanted to travel and let them experience different cultures and countries and read great books and be a united family. So here we are starting off on a journey of a lifetime.

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  1. Karina says:

    Trish, you guys are such pioneers. You’re crazy, and it’s so fun to read about your adventures. And I’m so glad it’s not me, but I really get the sense that you’re just where you should be.

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