Tuesday we waited to hear back from the job that Barry applied for, but we didn’t get a phone call.  

We slept in for a while because the morning started off cool.  When we went ashore Barry made a trip by himself first and he took the boom off the mast and I helped him load it in the dingy.  He then took it to the Sea Chest while I took the kids to play on the playground.

It was a breezy day and I should of brought coats for the kids, but I am not complaining.  Hey it was 20 degrees in Oklahoma.  

I have met a friend at the park.  Her name is Missy and she has a little 1 year old boy.  We have seen each other several times now and it is nice to talk and enjoy her company.

Barry wasn’t successful in finding a boom that we could swap parts on, so he went to the hardware store and jimmy rigged the boom we have, and now we can put up our main sail if we wanted to.   

I have an awesome husband!


About Trisha Perkins

Hi, my name is Trisha Perkins. I was born in St. George Ut, and raised in many different places. California, Texas, Panama, North Carolina, and Utah have all been home for me. My family moved back to St. George Ut after my father left the army. I was home schooled most of my school years, then enrolled for long distance schooling from an accredited high school. I taught gymnastics and swimming for 3 years. Then I realized I wanted to learn more about children, because I didn't know enough about them and I wanted to be prepared for motherhood. I taught montessori preschool for one year, then I went to a summer camp in New Mexico to teach horse back riding. Now I have to back up a little. A couple of my friends had gone to this same summer camp to teach the year before and one of their friends from camp tagged along with them back to St. George. Here enters the Pioneer. My life would never be the same. I tapped into a soul that I didn't know the voltage of. I met Barry Perkins. He proposed to me while scuba diving off of the Californa coast. We were married in the St. George temple on October 16th 2004. We have always wanted to give our children the best education. Leadership education! We wanted to travel and let them experience different cultures and countries and read great books and be a united family. So here we are starting off on a journey of a lifetime.

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